room/roof piece

The original “Roof Piece” was inspired by the follow-the-leader copying in dance classes and rehearsals, a mode of transmission fundamental to how dancers learn. With all the dance and yoga instruction proliferating online now — all that imitation via screens — a virtual “Roof Piece” seems right for the moment. [...] So that’s what the troupe did, recording the result, now called “Room/Roof Piece,” and polishing it with some editing before posting the video on social media. In another nod of solidarity, the company now encourages people at home to try their own virtual “Room/Roof Piece.” [...] As a steward of Brown’s legacy, Ms. Lucas welcomes the generational shift. The online versions “aren’t the same, but that’s OK,” she said, “The fun of Trisha’s work is that there’s always something to investigate and figure out.”General “Roof Piece” guidelines still apply. [...] In the end, the videoconferencing “Roof Piece” is an exercise in how to communicate with people far away.


transatlantic version

from Canada, Uruguay, USA, France & Belgique

Projet DIY de la | dans le cadre de «Dancing Together/Apart »

Martita Abril Danielle Baskerville Kevin Fay Robert Kingsbury Fabien Monrose Pablo Muñoz Ponzo Romain Panassié

New-York City, USA Toronto, CANADA Bruxelles, BELGIQUE Toronto, CANADA Paris, FRANCE Montevideo, URUGUAY Paris, FRANCE